Things To Consider on Getting Best Baby Rocker

Being a mother (or father) gives a joy that is immeasurable. The first cry of a baby makes your life joyful and blissful. We look at them with curiosity to identify who they resemble the most – mother or father. You feel delighted to look at them and wonder how small their feet are or how small their hands are. You want to hug them close to your heart. However, parenting a baby isn’t an easy task, you will always need a baby gear like a rocker to help you out. Here are some tips and things to consider on getting the best one.

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1. Harness

For the safety of the little one, the baby rocker comes with a safety harness that holds them at just the right position so that they won’t topple out of their baby rockers while trying to throw their legs around in excitement. The recommended weight limit for baby rockers is around 25 to 30 pounds and is the best choice for the newborn babies up to the age of 6 months. You need to be extra careful while strapping your baby as the harness shouldn’t block the baby’s movement and leaves ample airspace for comfortable breathing. The safety harness should be used so that the baby doesn’t get entangled or strangle with the harness.

2. Stability

The stability of your baby rocker is another very important factor before finalizing your buy. You need to check that the baby rocker comes with stability features so that when the little one is happily throwing her legs around, it shouldn’t topple the rocker. Along with that, the rocker should be sturdily built so that it doesn’t lose its balance easily.

3. The Seat

The ergonomics of the baby rocker seat should be matching to the child’s comfort. They should be properly cushioned and padded so that the child gets the same comfort as that in the womb. The fabrics used in manufacturing the seat of your baby rockers should be carefully chosen for it can cause rashes and skin problems to the child. Also, they should be easy to clean and maintain ensuring the perfect hygiene for your little one.

4. Lights, toys, and sounds

These days, the baby rockers come with lights, toys and music box fittings to provide the happy baby environment for your child. They are designed to either stimulate the child while playing or provide a soothing environment for a sound sleep of your baby. You can customize these lights, toys, and sounds as per the baby’s mood and choice.

5. Stimulating or soothing?

When your child loves to play, they would need a stimulating environment, with sounds of rattles and toys. And when she is tired, she would need a soothing setup for a cozy and comfortable sleep. Considering the short life span of use of the baby rockers (up to 6 months), you should invest your hard earned money in buying a baby rocker that is good for both the times of your child i.e. play time and sleep time. Your child would love to cherish his infancy because of both stimulating and soothing setup of the baby rocker.

6. Power Source

Avoid purchasing a baby rocker that needs to be connected to a power source for it is unsafe and hinders the portability of the rocker. Instead, purchase a rocker that runs on battery. They are safe and do not hinder with the portability of the baby rocker. Also, make sure that there is proper insulation around the battery power source and it should be somewhere safely placed in the baby rocker.

7. Portability

We would not advise you to leave your baby unattended. If at all you need to move to a different place for some work like cooking or cleaning etc. Then it is best to take the baby with you. With portable baby rockers, you can do that easily. Just strap your baby in the baby rocker carefully and take them with you anywhere. You can keep an eye on your child while they watch you cook.

8. Easy to clean

The baby rocker should be easy to clean and maintain. You don’t want your cute looking baby lying in the dirt. The baby rockers come with cleaning instructions for the fabric and cushions. Most of the baby rockers come with detailed cleaning instructions attached to them. These days the fabric used is also self-cleaning for they can be easily wiped off of any dust or smudge. You can also choose to hand wash or machine wash the fabric as given in the instruction sheet. Do not forget to check the cleaning instructions before finalizing your buy.

9.Colors and design

The baby rockers come in different colors, design and finish. Depending upon if your baby is a boy or girl you can choose the rocker of your choice. We have enlisted below the things you should be looking for when buying the baby rocker for a baby girl. When buying the baby rocker for your baby boy, you should be choosing more strong colors like blue, yellow, green, and orange, etc. You can also fix toys like rattles, games, etc to the baby rocker.

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Baby rockers have become an essential buy for new parents because of the following reasons:
•When you feel the need to free up your hands and attention, you may choose a baby rocker
•The babies feel comfortable in the baby rocker and therefore can be used while they are sleeping.
•Not only while taking the nap, but you may also use a baby rocker when your child is in a playful mood trying to show how excited he/she is by throwing their legs and hands all around.
•The baby rocker has multipurpose usage and that’s why they are the best choice for new parents.

11. Size

Baby rockers are available for different weight categories from infants to toddlers. The most common size available for a baby rocker is the one that is meant for babies weighing 25 to 30 pounds. We suggest that you check the weight category for your baby and then decide on buying the baby rocker.


Baby rockers come with battery operated vibration modes that are easy to set up while changing the motion settings. When your baby moves in a particular position then a vibration mode gets stimulated which is a joyful play for your child. They would love to have them as their playing partners.

13. Locking Legs

Make sure that you buy a baby rocker that has locking legs as they ensure the safety for your child. When your child tries to wiggle around then this prevents the baby rocker from toppling down. Always remember the sole purpose of buying the baby rocker is for your baby’s safety while they enjoy their infancy.

14. Price

A simple baby rocker will cost you somewhere around $30 to $50 whereas, the more sophisticated one will cost you $80. They may come with battery operated electronics and motors. And if your pocket permits to buy the more exclusive baby rockers then they may cost somewhere around $220 to $350. But there feature will leave you awestruck for a while.

15. Motion Settings

Some baby rockers vibrate and move when the baby makes a specific move. With time the baby learns that a particular move will cause a particular motion. After that he/she simply enjoys being in the baby rocker by making it vibrate or move as they desire it to. You can also change the motion settings like vibrate or move gently so that a particular motion should get stimulated when baby moves in a particular position. With advanced features like these, your baby is bound to experience the joy of infancy.